08/13/2012 03:43 pm ET

Mabel Larsen, Aaron Parker Arrested: Kids Had Roaches In Hair, May Have Been Locked In Cage

Authorities in Cleveland, Tex., have taken in a 1-year-old baby girl after she was discovered in a mobile home with roaches in her hair and flea and tick bites all over her body.

Officials say the child was discovered while responding to a possible animal cruelty charge, and there is reason to believe she was locked inside an animal cage , WBBH-TV reported.

"We located a 1-year-old child inside a poor-conditioned residence. That child has been checked by EMS and taken by Child Protective Services. The only adult here has been arrested," Capt. Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office told reporters. "We have some indication that the child was being kept in some type of cage in the property."

Mabel Larsen was arrested and accused of animal abuse Thursday, according to KHOU-TV, and officials said she could be subject to other charges as well.

Her partner, Aaron Parker, was arrested on Friday for violating probation and remains in the Liberty County jail.

The two pleaded guilty a year ago to injury to a child and both were sentenced to three years of community supervision, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Three years ago, Child Protective Services removed five other children from inside the same mobile home, including Parker's 10-year-old daughter who had been tied to a weight bench with zip ties, and was removed by CPS after neighbors found her soiled and starving, KTRK-TV reported.

Neighbors, who originally made the call to officials after seeing the couple's horse in an emaciated state, were shocked to find out the couple were hiding a child.

“If they knew she had a baby, the baby should’ve already been taken out,” Renee Davis, a neighbor, told KHOU-TV.

CPS official Gwen Carter was also surprised that there was a child living in such conditions.

“It is amazing to us that there is a child in that home,” Carter told the station. "Based on what we have seen, we know that child was not safe.”

Despite living in squalid conditions, officials report the baby is expected to be OK.




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