08/13/2012 09:42 am ET

'Party Down' Movie: Megan Mullally Says They're 'Trying To Get It Going'

Just because the "Arrested Development" revival is in full-swing doesn't mean people have forgotten about the "Party Down" movie. Megan Mullally stopped by Scott Aukerman's "Comedy Bang Bang" podcast and provided an update on the flick starring the caterers from the Starz series.

The cast is ready, but there's more to it than that.

"We're shooting for next hiatus, which means next spring/summer," Mullally said of production. "It's still not 100 percent official though and I got in trouble the last time I talked about it. I'm going to talk about it again, I don't care. We're trying to get it going, it's a question of getting the script finished and approved and all of that."

When asked about financial backing, which had been a sticking point of the film becoming a reality, Mullally said she thinks the money is there as long as the script gets approved.

"I think there's going to be some kind of mayhem if it doesn't for some reason happen because the cast is very gung-ho about it and I know the fans are too," she said. "So fingies crossed."

"Party Down" was created by "Veronica Mars" mastermind Rob Thomas, John Enbom, Dan Etheridge and Paul Rudd. The show, which lasted two seasons on Starz, starred Mullally, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr. After 20 episodes, the show was canceled in 2010.

In March 2012, Scott told The Huffington Post he's hopeful the film will be made.

"Yeah, our fingers are crossed," Scott said. "We're hoping sooner rather than later. But, you know -- you never know. Everybody is pretty busy now, which is really nice, because when we shot the show, no one was busy. But we're all just trying to get it together. It would be really fun. Everyone is totally in; everyone wants to do it."

If "Arrested Development" can get revived six years later, hold tight "Party Down" fans.