08/13/2012 11:27 am ET

ZabKab App Lets Users Hail NYC Cabs Using GPS Signal

The next time you're stuck on the corner fruitlessly searching for the next available cab in sight, getting upstreamed by one of your fellow New Yorkers, you may want to take out your smartphone and let drivers find you.

With a new app called ZabKab, all you have to do is by tap a button to let drivers pick up on your phone's GPS signal.

As TechCrunch reports, while cabbie apps are nothing new, ZabCab works with New York's yellow cabs and complies with the Taxi and Limousine Commission's rules barring drivers from looking at their phones while driving.

Therefore, the vehicle must be in a complete standstill for drivers to receive signals on their next available fares.

According to the ZabKab, 1,000 cab drivers have downloaded the app.

Taxi Commissioner David Yassky said, "We’re pleased that the taxi world continues to see rapid technological innovations. We will summons any driver caught using a smartphone while driving.”