Can You Find The Skull In István Orosz's 'Ship Of Fools' Optical Illusions Series? (PHOTOS)

While M.C. Escher's mind-bending staircases are taught in most elementary school classrooms, István Orosz's hand-drawn mysteries are less of a household name, although they're just as bizarre. Perhaps it is because of the unsettling skulls lurking behind the Durer-styled medieval scenes, which we first saw on Oddity Central.

Orosz, a Hungarian painter, is especially interested in optical illusions and visual tricks. We particularly love this quote of his from "The Physics of Invisibility": "There are things I can imagine and I can draw. There are things I can imagine but I cannot draw. But, could I draw something that I cannot imagine? That interests me greatly." Orosz's work toys with the relationship of truth and lies as his meticulously detailed scenes accurately depict a physical impossibility.

Scan through the slideshow below and see how many skulls you can decipher from Orosz's tricky penmanship. While some are easy to spot, others take a second to register. (If you visit Orosz's website you can see the skulls clearly in their thumbnail form.)

See a slideshow below, and let us know if you've been able to spot them all in the comments section.

Can You Spot the Skull?