08/14/2012 08:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Craft Of The Day: Turn Old T-Shirts Into Funky Party Bunting

Hanging bunting as decor is definitely making a comeback, and we've seen it used as party decor for celebrations from birthdays to graduations, and even for weddings. In fact, we stumbled upon this awesome Craft Of The Day while perusing a bridal site, proving to us that this vintage-inspired decor idea is very popular. This DIY t-shirt bunting from Rock N' Roll Bride is a great way to add a little funky flair to a gathering.

We especially love this bunting because it's out of the ordinary. It's not everyday we see wedding decor made from t-shirts and lace, and we think it totally works for an event with a quirky and fun style. And the best part? If you have some old shirts lying around you'd like to put to use, plus lace or ribbon (and basic sewing skills) you can make it before your next shindig. To see a full tutorial on how to make this and other creative crafts, just head over to Rock N' Roll Bride.

And, be sure to check out our other great crafts in our Craft Of The Day slideshow below.

Craft Of The Day

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