08/14/2012 03:26 pm ET

David Duchovny Talks New Movie And High School Talent (VIDEO)

Finally! David Duchovny can let his long-lost talent shine in his latest film, "Goats." In the film Duchovny plays the role of Goat Man, a cannabis-growing goat herder mentoring a young man torn between his life in Tucson and the East Coast. Coincidentally, the actor has had a secret talent since high school making him perfect for the part -- which he demonstrated on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

As for interacting on set with the farm animals, Duchovny said that if they aren’t watched closely, goats will eat anything. Although they would probably eat his jacket lapel if given the chance, Duchovny told Kimmel he loved working with the goats. “They’re kind of neutral. They’re not dogs and they’re not lions either,” he said.

Just what made Duchovny so perfect for this role? Watch the above video to find out.