08/14/2012 08:04 am ET Updated Oct 14, 2012

DC Artist Weds 5 Men, 2 Women In Marathon Matrimony-Themed Performance

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Some people wait all their lives to find the One. Not so, DC-based artist Kathryn Cornelius. With the support of her gallery, Curator's Office, and the Washington Project for the Arts, Cornelius followed through with her plan this past Saturday to marry and then divorce seven suitors (two women and five men) in seven successive ceremonies at the Corcoran Gallery.

The artwork, titled "Save the Date," was described to the viewing public as an attempt to comment fruitfully on the institution of state-sanctioned marriage and the ritual's "complex mix of private emotion [and] public spectacle." In preparation, Cornelius bought a dress, hired a DJ, composed invitations, and arranged for a first date with each of her seven suitors, two women and five men. "We talked about their relationship history, and their feelings and thoughts on marriage and divorce," Cornelius told ARTINFO on Monday. "What sort of things had been said to them over the years, or what they wished they said to someone who maybe broke their heart."


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