08/15/2012 05:14 pm ET

Helen Gurley Brown: A Life Worth Celebrating

Helen Gurley Brown may be gone, but her message to women that they can do anything -- and, with a few caveats, anyone -- they wanted lives on.

Many of our commenters recognized her enormous contribution to women's lives earlier this year on Gurley Brown's 90th birthday, chiming in to praise her unique mindset and distinct voice.

Several wrote that they admired Brown's strength and the ways she used her position and wealth to empower others like her -- not bring them down.

Others said that Gurley Brown had revolutionized conversations about gender and sexuality and and that she spoke up for women everywhere, saying the things others were too afraid to say.

A few declared the Cosmo she created a "Bible" or "Holy Grail" for some women that inspired pride in generations of mothers and daughters.

According to our commenters, her life was a testament to the things woman want -- and can ultimately have, if they go out and get them. Gurley Brown inspires our readers to keep searching for more, and never to settle for anything less.

How did Helen Gurley Brown inspire you?

LOOK: Your Comments on Helen Gurley Brown

LOOK: Your Comments on Helen Gurley Brown