08/14/2012 03:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'How My Mom Uses Google' Image Sums Up Technology Generation Gap (LOOK)

Parents can be a source of endless amusement -- and frustration -- when it comes to texting, technology and the Internet. Most teenagers have received frantic questions from their parents on how to fix “broken” pieces of technology, and wondered in annoyance why they couldn't just consult Google. A hilarious image recently posted on Reddit (scroll down to view) does a great job of explaining how your Mom’s question about her broken PC (along with a hard-to-pass-up dinner invite) could end up in your inbox.

Clearly, nearly the entirety of the Internet could relate to dealing with a parent's technological ineptitude -- the image, posted by user trudesign, was voted up to the top of Reddit's front page today.

And in other glaring (and hilarious) examples of the generation gap, a 16-year-old HuffPost Teen blogger compiled a list of 10 things parents don't understand about teens -- and one mother, HuffPost Parents Senior Columnist Lisa Belkin, offered her own rebuttal of 10 things parents really DO understand about teens.

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