08/14/2012 09:21 am ET

Jon Stewart Mocks Fluffy Paul Ryan Media Analysis (VIDEO)

If you heard the news that Mitt Romney accidentally referred to Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as "the next President of the United States" during his big announcement Saturday morning, you'll be happy to know that Jon Stewart opened up Monday night's "Daily Show" poking fun at the flub.

But when it came to actually discussing Romney's VP pick, Stewart could only focus on the fact that the media has hardly scratched the surface of his character. Seriously, it's like everyone's content to talk about Ryan's fitness regime and love of catfishing instead of his policies.

From network to network, Ryan is being referred to as a "Sarah Palin with substance," which irked Stewart because, "you can't just say a thing is just like another thing, but without the traits that define that thing. Then you're not talking about that thing. 'This thing is amazing! It's like a bicycle without wheels or a handlebar.' And you're like, 'Yeah, it's a chair. It's a f*cking chair.'"

Stewart made an attempt to steer the public discourse in a more policy-related direction, but even he wasn't immune to that Ryan charm. You'll see what we mean in the clip above.



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