08/14/2012 11:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Julia Child Auto-Tune: Celebrating Her 100th Birthday With A Remix (VIDEO)

As you may have heard, August 15, 2012 would have been beloved chef and television personality Julia Child's 100th birthday. To celebrate, PBS Digital Studios did the only reasonable thing there was to do: they made a Julia Child auto-tune video.

Hide your kids, hide your wives, bring on the roasted potatoes.

We know this video is for novelty's sake, but please don't be surprised if you catch us listening to this in the coming weeks.

We maintain that, although her culinary prowess was impressive, the best thing about Julia was her sense of humor, her love of fun and her ability to poke fun at herself during even the most frustrating kitchen debacle. We think Julia would have totally adored this video tribute.

This video is the latest in PBS Digital Studios' "Icons Remixed" series, which recently auto-tuned both Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers. Which icon will be remixed next?



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