08/14/2012 04:58 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Song, Foundation Slammed As 'Demonic' By Mission America's Linda Harvey

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" has certainly endured its share of criticism from a number of high-profile figures since its 2011 release. Now, however, one right-wing pundit has gone even further, slamming the pop diva's hit single as "demonic" and an "utter perversion."

As Right Wing Watch is reporting, Linda Harvey of Mission America attacked the singer on her radio show. "The [song's] theme is not just about a deviant view of gender and sexuality, but it is occult in spirituality," Harvey said. "There’s all these gruesome birth scenes which [are] a complete and utter perversion and really a demonic caricature, frankly, of God’s creation, yet she dares to use words like 'brave' and so on."

Harvey continues, "Of course she has the usual distortion, including that homosexuality and gender confusion that they’re similar to race or ethnicity, and that’s another big lie -- the thing is just full of lies."

Harvey also slammed the anti-bullying aim of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, which takes its name from her hit single and album. "That’s part of this whole incredible anti-bullying campaign that the homosexual community is putting out there, trying to make it seem as if traditional values leads people to harm kids who are behaving homosexually or gender confused and so on and that traditional values causes this -- it doesn’t," Harvey proclaimed. "We need to get our heads straight about this and not be manipulated and let our kids not be manipulated into embracing homosexuality as a byproduct of thinking we’re being kind."

As if her much-publicized appointment as JCPenney's new spokesperson hadn't already been condemned enough, Ellen DeGeneres also found herself the target of Harvey's rant. "[Ellen] is openly and proudly homosexual, and that part of her example is a very poor and tragic one," Harvey noted. "I hope that she personally will change that at some point in the future, we need to pray for all of these people."

Audio of Harvey's rant can be heard here.

Gaga's Born This Way Foundation was previously slammed by the Florida Family Association (FFA), who demanded Office Depot rescind a reported $1 million donation to the organization as part of a merchandising partnership because the pop star sends an "irresponsible message to many teens who would have eventually chosen to be straight."

Nonetheless, Harvey's anti-gay rants are nothing new. Last fall, she warned parents against allowing their children to visit health practitioners who are openly LGBT, and also slammed U.S. military personnel who participated in San Diego's LGBT Pride Parade as bringing "disgrace to the uniform and to America."

She also slammed Office Depot's partnership with the Born This Way Foundation, calling it a "deceptive" scheme "to link children to homosexuality, which is deeply wrong."



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