08/14/2012 11:17 am ET Updated Aug 14, 2012

Networking Tips: 9 Ways To End Your Summer Internship On A Positive Note


By Sierra Tishgart

The last few days of your summer internship are just as important as the first -- if not more. You've worked hard all summer long, and the culmination of this experience will set the tone for your next career move. Wrapping up an internship the right way will ensure that moving forward, you'll receive stellar references and consideration for job openings and opportunities. If you take the time now to show your appreciation for your supervisor and lay the groundwork for keeping in touch, he or she can become an invaluable mentor throughout your career. The tricky thing is that saying goodbye to a boss can be a little awkward. Should you write a hand-written thank-you note or send an email? How do you make it known that you'd like to pursue a career at the company? And what's the office protocol on hugging? We asked the experts for their advice.

Click through the slideshow below for nine important tips on ending your internship on a positive note.

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9 Tips For Ending Your Internship On A Positive Note