08/14/2012 04:53 pm ET

Prophetic 1995 Internet PSA Was Right About Cats, Basically Everything Else (VIDEO)

According to this 1995 public service announcement by 5th graders in Helena, Mont., in the future, the Internet will be used for:

- Bad Techno
- Cats
- Chat
- Cool Photos
- Recipes (Cat food cupcakes are real, BTW)
- "Research" (Shopping, Cool Photos)
- Shopping
- Watching videos
- "Work" (Cats + Watching Videos)
- And more!

They weren't kidding. Especially about the Internet's obsession with cats. How could they have known?!?! These kids had their chubby, white fingers on the pulse of what would become the weird part of the Web.

Although in all fairness, they were wrong about one thing: Yahoo! Because who uses that anymore?

They also failed to anticipate how they'd be downloading warez, music and porn with impunity by the time they were in college. (Oh, the age of innocence.)

DAPS, a website devoted to funny Internet finds, even speculates the PSA led to the Web's success.

"Maybe these youngins are the reason the internet became so popular, or maybe it was that little “chatroom” thing AOL introduced in the same year. We may never know."

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