08/14/2012 04:23 pm ET

'Seven Psychopaths' Trailer: Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken & Sam Rockwell Kidnap A Dog (VIDEO)

"Seven Psychopaths" is playwright Martin McDonagh's follow-up to the highly enjoyable indie "In Bruges," and judging from the trailer for "Seven Psychopaths," it's definitely indie -- in the way that term was used when it actually meant something (hello, mid-'90s). As one person commented on Twitter, "Seven Psychopaths" looks an awful lot like "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead," the ill-fated post-Tarantino crime thriller that you rented from Blockbuster one night when you were bored.

Still, giving McDonagh the benefit of the doubt, "Seven Psychopaths" should be a lot of fun: After all, it's about a trio of hapless dog-nappers (Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell) and the gangster (Woody Harrelson) they foolishly steal from. (The film is premiering during the Midnight Madness portion of the Toronto International Film Festival.) Ahead, HuffPost Entertainment ranks the cast in the order of their psychosis, as presented in the trailer.

7. Abbie Cornish
According to the trailer, Cornish plays the "passive-aggressive girlfriend," but it really seems like she just wants to go to work.

6. Olga Kurylenko
The former Bond girl (who gets called at much during a meta moment in the trailer) plays Sam Rockwell's onscreen girlfriend. Considering he's playing a known dog-napper, her taste in partners could probably use some improvement.

5. Colin Farrell
Farrell's best work in the last few years was with McDonagh in "In Bruges," so this is well-timed -- especially in the wake of "Total Recall." Here, he's basically playing the straight man to the crazy around him, but -- like Kurylenko -- that he's friends with these people speaks ill of his character.

4. Woody Harrelson
The role of a gangster in love with his dog was originally earmarked for Mickey Rourke. He had other ideas. "The director was a jerkoff. He wanted a whole lot for nothing," Rourke told Moviefone last year. "He can go play with himself." Harrelson seems perfectly unhinged in the trailer for "Seven Psychopaths," but he can't top that.

3. Christopher Walken
When Christopher Walken isn't the craziest person in your trailer, you've got a pretty crazy-filled trailer.

2. Sam Rockwell
Needs more dancing, but he does try to get a dog to give him a paw-five.

1. Tom Waits
The bunny.

"Seven Psychopaths" is out in theaters on Oct. 12.


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