08/14/2012 05:11 pm ET

Taylor Swift New Song: 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' Plus 14 More Angry Break-Up Songs (LISTEN)

When your high school sweetheart turns out to be not so sweet, your summer fling fizzles out, or you've had your heart stomped on one too many times, it's time for revenge. Enter Taylor Swift. "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" is the first single off her upcoming album Red, out October 22 -- -- and the lyrics aren't pretty. The catchy pop anthem is a high-energy departure from Taylor's country roots. But Taylor does stick to her tried-and-true formula of turning break-ups into musical dynamite, and the fiery new single might exactly the medicine you need to get past a bad relationship.

So the next time you find yourself heartbroken, instead of wallowing on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's (or eating some with Jon Stewart, like Robert Pattison did this week while discussing his very public breakup with Kristen Stewart), try turning on a song with an unapologetically strong set of pipes, killer lyrics, and the message that yes, break-ups suck, but you will come out stronger. In addition to Taylor, your new break-up best friends are the power trio Beyonce, Kelly and Adele.

Click through the slideshow below for 15 fool-proof angry break-up songs to officially kick your old relationship out the door. Just one requirement: Volume must be on full blast.

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Best Revenge Break-Up Songs