08/15/2012 05:20 pm ET Updated Oct 15, 2012

Hillary Clinton Sweat? Never, Says Conde Nast Traveller

Hillary Clinton may text, wink, dance the night away, whip her hair back and forth -- and oh yeah, advise the President on all things foreign policy -- but one thing the Secretary of State doesn't do? Sweat.

Conde Nast Traveller's Kevin Doyle spent nine days traveling with Hillz, but nary a drop of perspiration did he see. He writes:

But even after living under the klieg-light scorch of media scrutiny as First Lady (eight years), senator (eight years), and now the sixty-seventh secretary of state (three years and counting), there's one very intimate detail that most people still don't know about Hillary Clinton, and which I shall divulge: She does not sweat. Literally. She does not even glow. No matter how high the heat, not a drop nor a drip nor a bead nor so much as the faintest glisten can be detected anywhere about her person.

Say what? Is Hillary Clinton seriously a non-glistening goddess? Do her pores not work the same way the rest of ours do? And why has no one ever pointed this out before? According to Doyle, Clinton's lack of perspiration hasn't gone unnoticed by those who work closely with her. "It's an improbable physical anomaly that was cited more than once (along with superhuman stamina, uncommon thoughtfulness, and a steel-trap mind) by longtime aides and members of the press corps," he wrote. (The Atlantic Wire's John Hudson even did a cursory search of photos to see if he could verify Doyle's assertion. His search came up dry -- literally.)

Hillary has proven herself a badass too many times to count, but this new information brings whole new meaning to the phrase, "don't let them see you sweat." The woman evidently couldn't if she tried.

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