08/15/2012 04:44 am ET

'Iceman' Richard Kuklinski Makes Man Pray For Half Hour Before Killing Him On 'Mobsters' (VIDEO)

Richard Kuklinski was known as the "Iceman," a cold-blooded killer who claimed to have killed more than 100 people. "Mobsters" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on Bio) detailed his story, from his violent and abused childhood through his first killing all the way to his death behind bars at age 70.

The New York Times wrote, at the time of his death in 2006, that Kuklinksi was as passionate about his notoriety and publicity as he was about his blood lust. "Mr. Kuklinski promoted his own notoriety by appearing in two HBO documentaries as well as meeting with writers, psychiatrists and criminologists," the Times reported.

One particularly disturbing story had Kuklinski noting that a man he was going to kill was asking God to spare him. So Kuklinski told the man that if he could convince God to pardon him, then Kuklinski wouldn't kill him. He gave the man 30 minutes. At 31 minutes, he shot him.

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