Krystal Brown, Georgia Woman, And Son Drown Despite Dad's Efforts; Leave Behind 5 Kids (How To Help)

A 3-year-old boy is fighting for his life in Atlanta after a strong current swept his mother, 11-month-old brother, and him into the Chattahoochee River.

According to WTVM News, Krystal Brown, 30, was fishing with her family when her 3-year-old, Davie, went dashing toward the river and suddenly fell in. With her infant son in her arms, Brown quickly ran into the water to try to grab him from the current but found herself swept under as well.

Her husband then sprang into action, jumping in after them, but he could only manage to grab his 3-year-old.

"[Krystal] just slipped away," explained Davie, Brown's father-in-law who shares her son's name, to KCTV5, "And when [my son] fought his way up, trying to save his own life at the time, and the baby was gone that way, and he said there just wasn't anything he could do."

Brown leaves behind a husband and five children. A fund for the family is available through

In a similarly heartbreaking story this summer, a 4 year-old Texas boy died after saving a little girl from drowning. Xander Vento held a 3-year-old girl's head above water as she struggled, but he slipped to the bottom of the pool and lapsed into a coma, the Associated Press reported.

“We in some way hope our son’s life serves as an inspiration,” Xander’s parents, Cris and Misty, said in a statement, according to the news outlet. “He was the angel in the pool who sacrificed himself to save another.”

In an equally tragic summer accident, Brandi Odom, a 9-year-old girl was hailed a hero when she saved her little brother from drowning in a pond near their Alabama home, according to North Jefferson News.

Odom slipped and became trapped and went under after pulling her brother to safety.

“This is a tragedy but she gave her life to save her little brother," Robert Taylor, the town's fire chief, said. "She is a hero."

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