08/15/2012 08:25 am ET Updated Oct 15, 2012

Obama: Political Reporters Have 'All Got Opinions, Even If They Didn't Play'

Another day, another jab by President Obama at reporters.

Lately, the president has made headlines for one of his favorite activities: press-bashing.

Politico noticed Obama dinging the political press corps in a Tuesday interview on an Iowa sports station.

The interviewers asked him about how playing sports is similar to being president.

"It also turns out that political reporters are a lot like sports reporters," he said. "They've all got opinions, even if they didn't play."

Ouch! The comments are in line with recent reports about Obama's dim view of the way the political press does its job, as well as his public comments about the media's coverage of his presidency. Many have cheered his calls for an end to so-called "false balance" in reporting, though media writers like Jack Shafer have also cautioned against viewing him as a dispassionate press critic instead of a political actor irked by the coverage he's getting.

Obama probably also knows he's picking a soft target. Recent polls show widespread disdain for the political press from people of all political stripes.



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