08/15/2012 04:11 pm ET

Jenn Baluch, Arizona Teen, Wants Date With Tim Tebow For Birthday, Launches Facebook Campaign (VIDEO)

An Arizona teen named Jenn Baluch really, really wants a date with Tim Tebow for her 20th birthday in May. That's why instead of settling for a cardboard cut-out of the Jets quarterback like some promgoers did last spring, Baluch has launched a Facebook campaign to see if she can get the real thing.

Baluch got the idea for her campaign after a fan of Taylor Swift who was suffering from leukemia secured a date with the country star through a similar method, ABC15 reports.

The teen told the station that Tebow would be an ideal date because he's a great person with good morals. "He's everything I want in a guy," she said. "He's like a girl's dream guy."

The Facebook page Baluch created currently has about 250 members, but she's working to promote it by posting updates regularly. She's also recently appeared on a local radio station to talk about the campaign.

However, this isn't the first time that a fan has tried to score a date with Tebow through social media.

In January, a college student and member of Sigma Phi Lambda invited Tebow to her sorority formal through YouTube. Another young woman made her plea to Tebow by way of an acoustic guitar performance and a song titled "Ask Me On A Date Tim Tebow."

Tebow may not have accepted either of those requests, but he did spend a day with a Florida couple who bid $100,000 to win him -- temporarily, at least -- in an auction.

In the past, Tebow has said that his ideal woman would be someone like his mom and two sisters.

"I have been so blessed with having great role models around me, number one my mom and two great sisters,” he told SheKnows.com. “It’s hard for a lot of girls to measure up.”