08/15/2012 01:24 pm ET

WATCH: Azealia Banks Teams Up With Photographer Rankin For New 'Van Vogue' Music Video (VIDEO)

The new Azealia Banks music video is out, combining some serious high fashion with Banks' signature down-in-the-gutter rhymes. The video for "Van Vogue" is directed by photographer and culture fiend Rankin, who also directed her last video "Liquorice."

Between the leather corsets, dog woofing, and writhing in water, the video is certainly on the steamy end of music videos. Rankin's vibrant eye brings the perfect pop to Banks' lips as they spit obscenities with delicious ease. Though it's amusing to watch Banks transition from scrappy YouTube underdog to the ranks of rap royalty, we noticed "Van Vogue" resembles a Beyoncé or Rihanna video more than it resembles Banks' breakout DIY hit "212." And we have to say we kind of miss the triple pig-tails and the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, don't you?

Not that we are accusing Ms. Banks of losing her edge; her newly released cover of Dazed and Confused was banned in seven countries because it was so graphic.

Were you pleasantly surprised or let down by Azealia's new video? Let us know!