08/16/2012 08:33 pm ET

Bill Rosendahl: Cancer Is An 'Obstacle,' But I'm A Fighter & Survivor (VIDEO)

Two weeks after penning an intimate blog post about his cancer diagnosis, city councilman Bill Rosendahl has another message for Los Angeles: thank you.

In a video published Thursday, the councilman thanked his constituents and LA in general for showering him with love, support, laughs and food while he receives treatment for the cancer in his pelvic region.

"It's kind of a nice feeling, while you're walking around this planet, to know that people love you and they care about you," said Rosendahl.

Calling cancer an "obstacle," Rosendahl said, "I've never run away from a battle" and vowed to get back to city hall as soon as possible to "keep taking on the bad guys in politics."

In the past two weeks while he's been receiving treatment, Rosendahl is still taking calls and meetings, and expressed an interest in publishing his own video interviews of LA's mayoral candidates once the city holds primary elections.

"Our city's in a very vibrant spot right now," said Rosendahl. "There's a lot of new energy coming in, and there's a lot of ideas floating around. I obviously want to continue fighting the fight, the good fight."

We hope he'll continue fighting for LA for years to come.

h/t Yo! Venice!