08/16/2012 11:46 am ET

Chinese Job-Seekers Getting Plastic Surgery To Gain An Edge In Tight Job Market (VIDEO)

With a record number of college graduates entering China’s tight job market this year, everyone is looking to get a boost -- or should we say a lift?

Increasing numbers of Chinese recent graduates are opting for plastic surgery, in a bid to gain a competitive edge over other job candidates, according to Bloomberg. Amanda Ong, CEO of Bioscor International, a cosmetic surgery center, told Bloomberg she’s seeing more clients as plastic surgery becomes a more accepted practice and getting a job becomes increasingly difficult.

But China isn’t the only place where job candidates are changing their physical appearance to get a gig. A Japanese cosmetic surgery center reported a 20 percent boost in first-time tattoo removal patients, with recent graduates looking for jobs accounting for a significant portion of the uptick.

To many job-seekers, paying to look better is simply a good investment.

“I think if you are prettier you will get more opportunities,” a Chinese student told Bloomberg.