08/16/2012 11:45 am ET Updated Aug 16, 2012

David Michael Baier, School Employee, Arrested For Abusing Autistic Student In Davie (VIDEO)

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A private school employee was arrested Wednesday, accused of abusing an autistic boy in July.

Police say David Michael Baier, a special services coordinator at the Alternative Education Foundation in Davie, grabbed the seated child by his hair and then threw him to the ground when the boy would not obey a command, NBC 6 reports.

"I sent him there to get a good education, and because they said they could help him, and I never expected this," said the boy’s mother, who was identified only as Wendy.

The boy was reportedly misbehaving on a school trip and sent to the classroom as a punishment. The child wouldn't stand for five minutes on Baier's orders, so Baier allegedly grabbed the boy by his hair, standing him up. The two argued before Baier then threw the boy to the ground and pinned him on the floor "for a brief moment."

Elias Hilal, the family's attorney, told the Sun Sentinel that a second family claims Baier also abused their child.

"It's unfortunate that these kids go to school that's supposed to be their shelter and they're being abused by this guy who has no idea how to treat these kids," Hilal said. "These kids need to be helped, not abused."

Wendy said that her son is scared and won't even go to sleep unless she's there holding his hand.

Baier is charged with two charges of cruelty towards a child . He posted the $2,000 bond on Thursday.

Other Florida schools employees have gotten into hot water recently for bad behavior. An operations director was arrested and fired from Tampa's AMI Kids in April after head butting a student twice. In July, a Lake County special needs teacher allegedly slapped and pinched her students, but is still employed by her district.