08/16/2012 11:48 am ET Updated Oct 02, 2012

Estelle Performs "All Of Me" Songs And Shows Off Her Crazy Nail Art (PHOTOS)

"I'm about to get this manicure," Estelle sang last Tuesday evening at a Rosa Regale-hosted concert at The Darby in New York City. The line was not merely part of her to-do list, but rather a lyric from the British singer/rapper's new song, "Wonderful Life," off of her latest album, All Of Me. Although she introduced the number as the kind of song you should sing along to after a bad day, Estelle smirked as she crooned the word "manicure" and flashed her glittery nails to the audience.

Suddenly, I couldn't think about the music anymore. I was distracted by her ultra-shiny, star-covered, jewel-encrusted, bedazzled fingertips.

After the show, I ran downstairs to meet Estelle and get a closer look at this magnificent manicure. Although she swapped her all-black, sequined ensemble for a wood-printed jacket and gold miniskirt, her nails were fortunately the same. I had to ask for a quick closeup shot (see the photo below) as well as some more beauty tips:

Stylelist: Your nails are absolutely amazing, where did you get them done?
Estelle: Naomi Yasuda did them for me. She's been doing my nails in NYC for a few years now. She's wonderfully creative, and just a great person.

What do you like about having unexpected, fancy nails?
They are like fun accessories, just on the end of your hands.

We love your winged eyeliner -- do you have any tips for getting it right?
Try to do straight lines, as much as you can.

What is your beauty routine like when you're on tour?
I always do my own makeup and hair on the road. Keep it simple. You will sweat, so for photography a lot of makeup is never the look.

What is your beauty routine like on a day off?
A little bit of concealer, eyeliner and lip balm. I pull my hair down from its wrap and mostly wear a scarf tied up as a turban.

How is style in New York different from London?
London is a lot less trend-led than New York. Each city has its own thing, though.

What has been your favorite part of the tour so far?
Performing in Chicago and getting to do an encore. Chicago is an amazing city that always shows love.

How do you get ready for a performance?
I try to take a nap, pray and rock out!

Check out Estelle's nails in the slideshow below and keep clicking through for more from her performance:

Estelle's Performance

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