08/16/2012 09:09 am ET

Green Day Debuts 'Oh Love' Music Video

Green Day has been around for over 20 years and it is safe to say that the band's members are rock icons. So, it makes sense that such icons would like to let loose once in a while. In the music video for Green Day's music video "Oh Love," the band laid aside the political motifs and grabbed some models.

"Oh Love," the first single off ¡Uno!, is likely to be one of many videos from Green Day, as the band prepares to release a trilogy of albums: ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The "Oh Love" video features a bevy of beautiful models, one of whom shares a plate of spaghetti with Billie Joe Armstrong.

"'Oh Love' is kind of like leading with your heart and not necessarily with your brain as much," Armstrong told MTV News. "And [also] kind of maybe losing your mind, and shooting a little bit more from the crotch area."

"It pulls from the heartstrings, and it's about love and sexual tension and things like that; that said, I think the video is gonna tip its hat in those directions," bassist Mike Dirnt explained to MTV News during an interview in July. "I know we've got some real fun scenes that might involve motorcycles and us playing live and possibly some chaos backstage and things like that."

¡Uno! will be out Sept. 25, followed by ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! on Nov. 13 and Jan. 15.