08/16/2012 11:43 am ET

Janusz Michallik Says 'Shit' On Air: ESPN Soccer Analyst Curses, Doesn't Know He's Live On Air (VIDEO)

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

ESPN FC, Bristol's shiny new multi-platform international soccer conglomerate, has officially launched. As part of the rollout,'s successful roundtable show Press Pass is moving daily to ESPNEWS in the prime slot of 2 AM ET. ESPN is promoting the arrival of Press Pass to ESPNEWS as the first daily soccer studio show on American television. (Which is weird because I'm pretty sure Fox Soccer Report is a daily soccer studio show... that airs on Fox Soccer Channel... which can definitely be seen in America.)

I've always enjoyed the Press Pass crew and remember them having a weekly show when ESPN had Champions League rights back in the day, but we need to get to the good stuff - more ESPN people swearing on air.

Press Pass had something of a premiere on ESPN2 yesterday and analyst Janusz Michallik clearly didn't get the memo the show was airing live. As he was trying to make a point about Robin Van Persie's transfer from Arsenal to Manchester United, Janusz loses his train of thought and lets out an "ah shit, sorry guys." Awkward, nervous laughter ensues when he's told the show is in fact live and his momentary lapse can't be merely edited out. Give him credit though, Janusz somehow jumps right back into the Van Persie story without a hitch. Ron Jaworski and The Rock are proud.

(H/T @PaulVentrales)