08/16/2012 11:21 am ET

John Salley: Michael Jordan Isn't Top Five Greatest Players of All Time (VIDEO)

By Jose Martinez, Complex Sports

Remember John Salley? Former co-host of The Best Damn Sports Show, Period? Former mediocre NBA player? OK, we give up. Maybe his opinion doesn't hold much weight in this debate then, but in a recent conversation, Salley said that Michael Jordan doesn't even deserve to mentioned amongst the five greatest of all-time.

Aside from saying that Magic Johnson was the best player he ever faced, Salley goes on to talk about the rest of his top five without any mention of MJ:

Next, was Larry Bird. Then, Kareem Abdul-Jabbaar. The hardest guy I had to guard? Hakeem Olajuwon…and then Kevin McHale… And the greatest player I’ve ever played with… (mumbo jumbo about playing with MJ, Pippen and Kobe)… Isiah Thomas is the best player I’ve ever played with.

Wow. No mention of Jordan in the top five of greatest to ever play the game seems sacrigilous. Could Salley's assessment of the top five to ever play in the NBA be considered legit without MJ?

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