08/20/2012 02:54 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Kickstarter Success Stories: How Deva Mirel of Fresh Pastry Stands Raised $10,000 For Her Candles (VIDEO)

Kickstarter is a website filled with projects looking for funding, but some dreams are left unfulfilled when only pennies have rolled in by the campaign's end date. And then there are ideas that are so simple yet clever enough to raise an insane amount of money for backing. (These are the ones that have us asking ourselves "Why didn't we think of that?") If the recent news of Kickstarter projects generating millions of dollars hasn't encouraged you to start dreaming up some inventions, maybe Deva Mirel of Fresh Pastry Stands, who raised $10,000 for her candle business and became one of many Kickstarter success stories, will.

Before Mirel even thought of asking for pledges on the website, she was selling reclaimed vintage china and creating unique mix and match cake stands on Etsy. But her real dream was to expand her business by designing unique candles using beeswax and different molds like old milk bottles. And while her stands were selling well, she quickly realized she have the means to expand her business. "There is a limit to how much of your home equity line of credit you can tap into for your business start-up expenses," she said.

Her husband suggested Kickstarter but she was hesitant, because like many of us she didn't know if other people would have faith in her idea as much as she did. But it turned out they did. "People really got excited for me when I hit about 80%. I went from 86% to fully funded in one day. Kickstarter really focused the energy," she said.

Since the pledges ended on August 14, Mirel has been a busy bee. She's currently working with a Florida boutique store to create a line of custom candles. And starting October 16, a selection of her goods will be available on Fab.com.

Mirel is just one of many crafters whose dreams have come true thanks to Kickstarter. So, next time you have a good idea, don't give up because who knows, it could happen to you.

Watch the video above to see Mirel's Kickstarter campaign and head over to her Etsy page to see all of her creations.

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