08/16/2012 12:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Madonna's Birthday Must Be Celebrated With 'Vogue' Circa 1990 (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Madonna's gotten plenty of heat for her recent antics, from pointing guns all over her concert stage after a tragic shooting, putting swastikas on politicians' faces and gratuitously flashing her chest and butt to her audience. As the singer fights to defy the passage of time (and the slow encroachment of irrelevancy), it seems her stage antics are getting increasingly wild in what most onlookers have deemed a cry for attention.

But, as we look back over Madonna's career in honor of her 54th birthday, we're reminded that it wasn't always this way. "Vogue," Madonna's most fashionable track, was all about getting other people's attention... but Madonna was able to do it in the most clever of ways. Case in point: her memorable 1990 performance of "Vogue" at the MTV Video Music Awards, where her backup singers were ladies-in-waiting, her dancers were men of the court (in hot pants, natch) and Madonna herself was decked out in a Marie Antoinette-style wig and dress.

No guns, no flashing, no crying and no baiting -- just a good dancing, extravagant costumes and a totally original, unexpected concept.

This is why we all fell in love in Madonna. So let's celebrate the birthday girl with a look back at one of her most stylish on-stage moments.


In honor of her 54th birthday, here are 54 pictures of Madonna's ever-changing hair and makeup:

Madonna Beauty Evolution

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