08/16/2012 07:31 am ET Updated Aug 16, 2012

'Oh, Sit!' Premiere: 'Killer Bobby' Disqualified For Roughing Up Female Contestants (VIDEO)

The CW premiered their latest foray into the world of reality television game shows. "Oh, Sit!" (Wed., 8 p.m. ET) premiered like a wild cross between the classic children's game of musical chairs and ABC's "Wipeout." Creator Phil Gurin pointed out to Entertanment Weekly that the most successful game shows are derived from classic games. "Wheel of Fortune" is just Hangman and "Hollywood Squares" was Tic-Tac-Toe. "Oh, Sit!" is no different from those.

He was also quick to point out that people shouldn't take the show too seriously. Those behind the scenes making it certainly aren't.

But one person who was taking it seriously was "Killer Bobby," a contestant in this premiere. Throughout the course, he was seen throwing people into the water, kicking one lady in the head and shoving another from behind. But it was an elbow to the back of one woman's head that finally got him disqualified.

The format is pretty simple. There's an obstacle ring contestants must make their way around while the music is playing. They earn cash for how far they make it. But when the music stops, they need to rush to the center of the course to claim a chair.

"Oh, Sit!" continues Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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