08/17/2012 08:57 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

School Lunch Program Regulations: How Much Do You Know?

School lunches have been a hotly contested subject for a long time. With more and more attention on childhood obesity, all eyes are on the nutritional deficiencies of the National School Lunch Program. People like Jamie Oliver and first lady Michelle Obama have made it a goal to advocate for our youngsters.

Luckily this past July, new school lunch regulations have come into effect -- expect to see more fruits, vegetables and whole grains on your kid's lunch tray. It doesn't mean they'll like to eat the new selections, but at least the offering will be available. However, many of the changes don't seem so different: submarine sandwiches and cheese pizza (though both whole wheat), canned peaches, fish nuggets (though baked) and flavored milks (though nonfat).

How much do you know about the school lunch program? You'll find some facts rather alarming (such as French fries still being counted as a serving of vegetables). Take the quiz below to test your knowledge.