08/16/2012 07:17 pm ET

Scott Basko, Man In Spandex And Feather Boa, Arrested For Harassment At Mall

Scott Basko didn't stand out at the Glendale Galleria for his zebra-print spandex outfit, feather boa, and fishnet tights.

Instead, the 44-year-old man garnered attention for apparently harassing teen girls at the mall, reports the Los Angeles Times.

A group of girls accused Basko of "staring and winking at them," and then following them after they became afraid, according to the Glendale News-Press. After the teenagers took cover in a store, KTLA reports that Basko allegedly made explicit gestures toward the group.

Authorities arrested the man, and apparently found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his pockets, reports LA Weekly.

Basko plead not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of child molestation Tuesday, and he is now banned from the Glendale Galleria, according to CBS.

Check out Basko's strangely fierce mugshot and watch the CBS2/KCAL9 video above for the whole story.