08/17/2012 05:18 pm ET

Alec Baldwin Joins Jerry Seinfeld For 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee', Calls Him A 'Lazy, Shiftless Bastard' (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin is the latest funny person to be picked up by Jerry Seinfeld on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," the web series with all the genuine chit-chat, artful shots of coffee being made and light jazz you can handle. Oh, and there are also fancy cars. This time it's a red one!

In this episode, Baldwin and Seinfeld get lunch after cruising around Manhattan telling their favorite Burt Lancaster stories. Once they reach the restaurant (and Baldwin thoroughly messes with the server) the old comedy pals get into some real talk. Baldwin wanted to know why Seinfeld never got into straight acting, but Seinfeld played defensive. Then Baldwin let him have it with the coolness of Jack Donaghy:

"I look at you and I say, 'he's a lazy bastard, he has everything in the world he could possibly want, and he's just a lazy, shiftless, no-good bastard.'"

The "tension" continued as it became pretty obvious whose family was more well-off while the two were growing up in Massapequa, Long Island (hint: Seinfeld had the Slip 'N Slide) but by the time the two get talking about how crazy Rip Torn is, they're old friends again.

Seinfeld also offers Baldwin some genuine praise, diagnosing him as "A gifted, gifted actor who's cursed with the mind of a writer," and adding, "What you know cannot be taught, my friend."

Watch the episode above.



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