08/17/2012 08:44 am ET Updated Aug 18, 2012

Coach Beverly Kearney Overcomes Homelessness And Paralysis, Starts Empowering Nonprofit

It seems that there is no task too daunting for Coach Beverly Kearney.

After overcoming homelessness and a horrific accident, the University of Texas head women's track and field coach has devoted herself to her organization, Pursuit of Dreams Foundation, in order to motivate and empower disadvantaged youth, CNN reports.

"If I could utilize the techniques that I used to produce results in sport, why can't I utilize those techniques to produce results in life," Coach Kearney explains. "Pursuit of Dreams is about connecting people with the inner magic that lies within them…that lets them know, 'Yes you can.' No, better yet, 'Yes we can.'"

The Olympic coach's foundation holds programs that expose youth to personal stories of leaders as a means to inspire. Additionally, a program called "Pursuit of Excellence" provides children in foster care with new custom clothing, all created by a celebrity stylist.

All of these efforts stem from Kearney's personal belief, "If I can expose you to the best…it has a great chance of inspiring you to be the best."

And there is no story more powerful than Kearney's herself.

After her alcoholic mother unexpectedly passed away in her sleep, the coach was left homeless at the age of 17. Though she fought through her misfortune, tragedy reared its head once again when the athlete was involved in a horrific car accident, leaving her paralyzed.

"The doctors didn't think I was going to walk again," she told ESPN. "But I just knew."

And her positivity paid off.

She regained use of her legs, and went on to be inducted into the USTFCCCA Coaches Hall of Fame in 2007.

"All that I have been through in my life has been the foundation that has created an unwavering, unshakeable faith that all things are possible," Kearney explains. "…My whole agenda in this is…[giving] back for all that I've been given, and [helping] you do what you're trying to accomplish."

If you're inspired by Kearney, learn more about her organization here.



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