08/17/2012 06:58 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2012

Brittany Schults Bride Attack: Pit Bull Mix Ordered To Attack Woman At Her Wedding

Brittany Schults' wedding day was turned upside down when a man she considered to be a close friend ordered a roommate's pit bull to attack her and then beat her with brass knuckles.

Twenty-one-year-old Schults and Jorge Cortez held their wedding in Trinidad, Colo. without incident, but at the reception Schults' friend Joel Nevarez, 21, appeared angry. That's when Nevarez left and returned with a pit bull around 12:30 a.m.

Nevarez allegedly ordered the dog to attack Schults saying, "Sic her Skylo. Sic her Skylo."

Schults' husband, Cortez, came outside from the receptions when he heard his wife screaming.

“Joel stood there with the leash in his hand, laughing — laughing that the dog was biting me — as he ripped chunks of skin out of my back, ripped chunks out of my arm, hitting me in the face with brass knuckles,” Schults told KDVR.

The newlyweds have been dealing with infected wounds ever since. Schults' injuries required her to get stitches on her shoulders and back, and Cortez sustained three bite marks on his leg while trying to keep the dog away from his wife.

The pit bull mix involved in the attack was put into quarantine at the Denver Animal Shelter.

Meanwhile police are still looking for Nevarez, who they say is wanted on an arrest warrant for felony assault with a deadly weapon, though they think he may have fled to Mexico where his mother lives.

Nevarez allegedly has a history of mental instability, the bride told KMGH that she had even cared for him when he was released from a state mental hospital and that she was afraid of the potential consequences of not inviting him to the wedding.

It's not clear what prompted the attack, but Cortez believes it may have been prompted by jealousy.

A report by CBS4 says the last family members heard from Nevarez was this text:

2 more stops then I hit my death bed nice knowin all yall ain’t this wat use want: (yup it will be a sick death but i aint going alone.



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