08/17/2012 08:17 am ET Updated Aug 17, 2012

Kate Middleton's Ex-Boyfriend: Before There Was Will, There Was... Harry?

Before Kate Middleton fell in love with Prince William and tied the knot in that small little 2011 shindig, there was another paramour in the picture: Harry.

Wait a second. Harry?!

No, not that Harry.

A college friend of Catherine's reportedly spills to OK! magazine that the duchess took a twelve-week art history and Italian language courses in Florence, Italy, before signing up to study at St. Andrews, where she'd eventually meet Will.

But contrary to rumors, Kate never seemed hell-bent on tracking down the prince due to pressure from her mother. Besides enjoying her time in Italy with friends, the future duchess also had her eyes set on (GASP!) someone else, as her friend reports:

"The only time I even remember talking about William was when we found out he was coming to study in Florence, we would speculate about hanging out with him, but to be honest she never showed any interest in him or talked about him that much. She certainly wasn’t going to St Andrews with the intention to snare him or anything like that. In fact she was more hung up on a guy called Harry, but things didn’t work out.”

From Harry to Will? You lucky girl.

It's been a busy summer for both Catherine and William in the ex-lover department: at a July wedding in Somerset, the pair reportedly bumped into four former paramours. Henry Ropner, whom Kate reportedly dated in 2007, was in attendance, as well as her first boyfriend from Marlborough College. William's exes Olivia Hunt and Rose Farquhar were also there. Awkward!

For those want to ask Catherine herself about this mysterious Harry, the duchess will be hosting a private tea party for select fans in Malaysia on her and Will's upcoming royal tour. If you happen to be in Malaysia.

Enough about exes... is there a baby in Catherine's future?

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