08/18/2012 02:31 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

Letters To Demi: Share With Us What Demi Lovato Means To You! (UPDATE)

In the past three days we have received an overwhelming number of heart-felt tweets, letters, images and comments from our users -- people like you -- describing just how much Demi has touched the lives of her fans on her birthday.

Please continue to add your letters to Demi to the page. We will be updating the slideshow with your notes and images from Twitter throughout the night. Some of our favorite letters will be shared on the HuffPost Teen Facebook Page.

Previously 8/18/12: It's safe to say that Demi Lovato has hit her stride with her career. Her third studio album, "Unbroken," was a smash hit last year, she's currently sitting on the judging panel of "X Factor" alongside her real-life idol, Britney Spears, and she appears more healthy, happy, and confident than ever before. But Demi has had a lot to overcome since 2010, the year she she entered a treatment center because of her struggles with depression, bulimia and self-harm.

"You have to work every day, you have to fight every day. It's really important to get the message out there that if you do slip up, it's OK, because you are human. Just try, and try harder next time," Demi said.

In a world where the pressure to be perfect is ever-present in the lives of so many women, she's one celeb who has found the courage to be herself. And Demi's very personal, very public journey to finding self-love has inspired her fans, young and old, to stay strong in the face of their own day-to-day struggles.

HuffPost Teen blogger, Becca Fritz, recently shared her own brave story of entering an eating disorder clinic. She listened to Demi's music for the first time during treatment.

"I just couldn't believe that someone who I had never met, never spoken to could narrate my life and my emotions so perfectly," Becca said. "Each time I get up to speak, I think about how much Demi helped me by being so candid with both her music and her personal life, and I take a deep breath and tell my story in hopes of being that voice for someone else."

In honor of Demi's 20th birthday this Monday, August 20th, we're compiling letters from our readers about what Demi means to them.

#Lovatics, that means you! Share with us all your letters, photos, drawings, writings or cards to Demi for her birthday. We'll feature them all in a "Letters To Demi" slideshow on HuffPost Teen on Monday!

Here's how you can submit them:
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