08/17/2012 01:54 pm ET

Fonts Of Wisdom 'Outliers'

Andrew Baumann and Erica Seifert assess the Ryan selection.

John Sides compares Paul Ryan with other potential VPs.

Harry Enten examines Romney's decision-making process.

Ezra Klein asks, why is Obama leading?

The Romney campaign predicts a convention bounce - and an adviser says that polls don't matter.

Nate Cohn argues that losing seniors will sink Romney.

Amy Walter says independents want a government that works, not a clear choice on governments' role.

Pew Research reviews its findings on the dynamics of Medicare.

Walter Shapiro urges reporters to talk to voters.

Stu Rothenberg offers a caution: watch poll sample composition.

John Geer and Doug Rivers explain the Vanderbilt/YouGov Ad Rating Project.

Errol Morris conducts an experiment on the believability of typefaces.