08/17/2012 09:19 am ET Updated Oct 02, 2012

Short Bangs Can Be Tricky, And These 22 Celebrities Prove It (PHOTOS)

We love pin-up inspired style and beauty -- look no further than our stories about retro bathing suits, red lips and peplums, to name a few. But, these are easy trends to master.

One popular '50s trend that isn't quite as simple is a Bettie Page-inspired bang. The iconic Playboy model, who was famously called the "Queen of Pinups," looked absolutely amazing with her signature jet black fringe. Short bangs, however, can go wrong--very, very wrong--as the celebrities below prove. In some cases, the 'do can even call to mind a kindergarten photo.

While some stars like Katy Perry have mastered super-short bangs, other celebrities have ended up looking, well, awkward.

Do you need proof? Take a peek in our gallery below to see Gwen Stefani, Calista Flockhart, Zooey Deschanel and more celebrities with awkwardly short bangs.

Awkward Short Bangs (PHOTOS)

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