08/17/2012 11:27 am ET Updated Aug 17, 2012

WATCH: Sneak Peek Of Highly Disturbing Indie Film 'Compliance,' In Theaters Now (VIDEO, IMAGES)

In a sneak preview earlier this week, a number of people walked out of the theater during "Compliance," the low budget indie film which Jeannette Catsoulis at the New York Times called it, "a slow-motion punch to the groin."

"Compliance" takes its plot from 70 cases preceding 2004, in which a man who worked as a correctional officer called fast-food restaurants pretending to be a real police officer who was trying to apprehend a thief. He would order the managers of various restaurants to strip search a female employee, or commit far worse acts. "Compliance," by writer/director Craig Zobel, is based upon true events that occurred at a Washington, Ky. McDonalds, though the film is set at fictional fast food joint 'Chickwich.' Dreama Walker stars as the pretty teenage employee forced to endure unimaginable acts of debasement, with Ann Dowd as the well-intentioned manager who blindly follows the instructions from the mysterious caller on the other end of the line.

Thus far the reviews have been mixed, but the physical reaction to the film has remained constant. Rolling Stone called it "torture to sit through," and NPR said it was "extremely difficult to watch."

"Compliance" hits theaters August 17. You can read our in-depth reaction to the controversial film here and check your local theater listings to see it for yourself.

See an exclusive clip from the film below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section:

Check out still images of the film here, and see the director on HuffPost Live here: