08/20/2012 04:05 pm ET Updated Aug 20, 2012

Bryan Cranston Directing 'The Office'

Walter White is headed to "The Office" ... sort of.

"Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston is directing an upcoming episode of the NBC sitcom titled "Work Bus," according to a tweet from Rainn Wilson that includes a photo of Cranston sitting on his lap.

Check out Wilson's tweet below, and click through for the photo:

Cranston has previously directed episodes of his former Fox sitcom "Malcolm In The Middle," his current AMC series "Breaking Bad" and ABC hit "Modern Family."

In a March interview with Collider, Cranston discussed his thought process for guest-directing TV shows.

"In television, you are a guest of the crew. You’re not even a member of the crew, really. You come in, you prep for a week, you shoot for a week and you’re gone. When I did Modern Family, I wasn’t there to say, “I’m going to change these characters!” No. You are there to follow the system. I feel that, when I direct TV, I need to give my showrunner what he or she needs. I’m not about to tell the actors, “Yeah, change that point of view.” But, I can suggest maybe downplaying that color right now because it’s really going to come in later on, in the story. You can maneuver, but you’re not going to wholesale change anyone."

"Breaking Bad," Season 5