08/20/2012 07:00 am ET Updated Aug 20, 2012

'Falling Skies' Finale: New Alien Species Arrives On Earth, But Are They Friend Or Foe? (VIDEO)

The war between the alien invaders had already gotten more complicated this season on "Falling Skies" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on TNT) when the 2nd Mass learned that there was a rebellion within the ranks of the Skitters. They were harnessed and unwilling puppets of their alien overlords in much the same way many of the children of Earth are.

This week, the tenuous alliance between the red-eyed Skitter and the 2nd Mass led to a potentially major victory against those overlords. According to the Skitter, the one they took down was responsible for combat operations over the entire East Coast, and without it alive, their forces would be in disarray.

But before they could even see if any of that were true, another shocking twist hit this season finale. Just as the 2nd Mass had decided they needed to move on from Charleston, a new presence emerged from the skies.

It was a spaceship the likes of which they'd never seen, and a third alien species. But will these new aliens prove to be friend or foe? Fans will have to wait until Season 3 in 2013 to find out.

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