08/21/2012 01:20 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

San Francisco Worst City? Los Angeles Transplant's Five Reasons Why SF Is 'The Worst Awesome City In America' (PHOTOS)

Here at HuffPost SF, we like to think of our city as the most beautiful/fabulous place in the universe. But it seems one former resident couldn't disagree more.

San Francisco, we've been skewered!

On comedy website, writer slash San Franciscan-turned-Angeleno Adam Tod Brown chronicled our home's most irritating traits in an article titled "5 Reasons San Francisco Is The Worst Awesome City In America."


Now, we've seen our fair share of good-humored San Francisco parodies. (Sh*t San Franciscans Say, Sh*t Baristas Say, the Full House vacation…) And Brown didn't mince words with this doozy.

"I just left San Francisco, and I miss it, but probably not for the reasons you have in mind," wrote Brown. "Here are five things you wouldn't expect to miss about San Francisco."

After reading, we might have a few choice words for Brown on his general understanding of issues important to our city. But overall, his top five offenders are admittedly pretty hilarious, and generally spot-on.

See Brown's top five reasons San Francisco is the worst awesome city in America below, and read his explanations (and, boy, does he have explanations!) on

San Francisco Worst City