08/20/2012 09:12 am ET

Terry O'Quinn On The 'Lost' Series Finale: Strangely Unemotional Experience

Terry O'Quinn understands why fans were upset over the "Lost" series finale, but he wasn't too bothered by it.

In an interview with Vulture promoting his new ABC series "666 Park Avenue," O'Quinn said people often ask him about the finale and his take on what happened to the characters.

"The funny thing was my reaction to the ending and the experience of shooting the ending was strangely unemotional," O'Quinn said. "Because we were shooting the last month and I think we were all preparing for this experience to end and it was a big, pretty intense experience."

O'Quinn said to prepare himself for the emotional punch of the series finale, he started operating with "one foot out the door."

"I didn’t ask the writers to give me the clear answer of what every single thing meant," he said. "And I tell people it was clearly about a journey. I was aware in around Season 4 that they had so many balls in the air that they were going to let a few drop. So I was okay with that."

When TMZ asked O'Quinn about the finale in March 2012, he was basically singing the same tune. "We sorta finished it and walked away," he said.

However, Jorge Garcia said he had an emotional reaction while dealing with the finale. "I was extremely satisfied when I read the finale," Garcia told E! Online prior to the finale in 2010. "I cried reading it. There was moment in the finale that kinda touched me, and everyone in the room felt the air change and there were tears streaming down my face. I think it'll make people cry."

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