08/20/2012 05:44 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

Ty Alsop Arrested In Evansville Hospital Gown For Alleged Public Intoxication And Disorderly Conduct

A heavily intoxicated man, barely covered by a hospital gown, found little sympathy when he pleaded with police officers to let him off the hook.

Ty Alsop, 21, stood with his backside exposed in the parking lot of an Indiana hospital when he explained why he shouldn't be arrested, according to the Evansville Courier-Press.

"I'm not really a bad guy," he said according to an Evansville Police Department arrest report. "I've just been a drunken a**hole tonight."

It was a rare moment of clarity for a man whose pants had been soaked with urine earlier that night, the Smoking Gun reports, and whose blood alcohol level was allegedly more than five times the legal amount for driving.

Medics took Alsop to the hospital after someone called 911 reporting that he was passed out in a car. He arrived at the hospital staff with a BAC of .422, media reports said.

Staff said that he distracted them for three hours by yelling, walking around and removing his own intravenous tubes. While police tried to track down his parents to pick him up, Alsop made his escape.

"He managed to sneak by the hospital staff and walk to the parking lot wearing only his hospital gown, which was split down the back with the buttocks fully exposed," according to the arrest report.

Fearing that Alsop was a danger to himself and others police arrested him on charges of indecent exposure, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.



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