08/21/2012 02:32 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

Carlos Castro Lifts Up SUV To Save Trapped Friend (VIDEO)

You know those emergencies that supposedly turn ordinary people into Superman? Carlos Castro can now don a red cape and tights if he wants. Nobody on his block would likely question it.

Castro, of Brockton, Mass., lifted an SUV off neighbor Rob Brown when a tire change went horribly wrong, according to reports. The jack gave way, pinning the 48-year-old Brown by his chest under the SUV, witness Anthony Giannelli told WCSH. As Brown yelled 'Help, help,' Castro sprang into action.

A 48-year-old grandfather who's a wiry little fellow by the looks of the news video, Castro deadlifted the back end of the SUV by the hitch to free his friend. Brown was not seriously hurt, the Enterprise reported.

"It's just something that I did that I hope anybody can do for me if it happened to me," Castro told WCSH.

Many SUVs weigh more than 5,000 pounds, according to Of course, Castro would not have had to hoist the entire weight because he needed to provide clearance at the back end only. But it's probably a lot more weight than Castro could move in a gym, if he even went to one.

According to Scientific American, when we're in crisis mode the adrenal gland kicks into overdrive. Cortisol and adrenaline flood the body, raising blood pressure and heart rate. Muscles get an extra dose of oxygen and energy, the publication said.

But there are limitations. Reported feats of strength such as mothers lifting cars off their trapped babies should be examined more carefully, according to the article, titled "When Fear Makes Us Superhuman."

But Castro and Brown don't need an explanation for what happened. Brown is alive and Castro is a hero.