08/21/2012 09:20 am ET

Chris Perez Confronts A's Fan Before Indians-Athletics Game (VIDEO)

Cleveland Indians' All-Star closer Chris Perez appeared to be a little too fired up before Sunday's game against Oakland and engaged in an expletive-laced argument with an Athletics fan sitting in the stands.

According to a Deadspin tipster, the A's fan heckled Perez during batting practice and got under his skin enough to provoke this profane resposne. Perez later confirmed as much to

WARNING: Profane Language Used

Perez didn't take kindly to the fan telling him to "blow some more saves" and began lashing out with some obscenities.

"I got more saves than your whole fucking team does, so why don't you go look at those stats, you fucker," said Perez before reminding the fan that he was an All-Star this year.

"He's been wearing me out for four [seasons]," Perez later explained, according to "I had enough. I'm not even playing a game. I'm shagging [fly balls]. I can understand if it's during the game. That's part of the game and stuff, and it wasn't just a random guy that I pointed him out and went over."

This is nothing new for Perez, who has taken his fair share of shots at other fanbases before. The 27-year-old has even riled up Indians fans.

After getting booed at home earlier this season, Perez ripped Cleveland fans, calling the low attendance rates "a slap in the face."

"Last. It's not like we're 25th or 26th. We're last. Oakland is out-drawing us. That's embarrassing," he said.

While he seemed unhappy, perhaps even embarrassed, about attention the footage of his confrontation had garnered, Perez showed no contrition about his reaction to the heckler.

"I don't regret it. ... Looking back, obviously it's not the best thing that it would be on the Internet and stuff. I had no idea [they were filming me]. I wouldn't have done it," Perez said via "Looking back, that's obviously what he was trying to get and it happened. So, he got me. You have to live and learn."