08/21/2012 10:21 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

Jets Pizza, Detroit Franchise, Adopts 'No Deliveries After Dark' Policy After Driver Shot

A Detroit pizza franchise has a new rule for its delivery orders: none after dark.

Talk Radio 1270 writes that Jets Pizza in Dearborn, Mich. decided to implement the measure after 19-year-old Tim McKenna, a Jet Pizza employee, was shot in the chest while delivering pizza in a theft-motivated incident.

McKenna's mother, Joan, explained the company's previous policy of sending out armed drivers:

“They usually send somebody with a guy … who carries a gun. Usually they have two go into Detroit after dark, if they have a delivery. One guy has a legal, he can carry a gun. That night, Timmy was the only one left, they had this one run to do, he said ‘yeah, I’ll do it.’ He’s a kid, he doesn’t think anything’s going to happen to him.”

McKenna was only carrying $35 when he was shot. He was treated for a broken rib and punctured lung, but he's fortunately expected to make a full recovery and attend college in the fall.

The Dearborn Patch is now conducting a poll about the measure, which asks if its important for safety measure, or an overly judgmental policy based on a single incident. As of publishing time, the results have pointed overwhelmingly to the former.

Local Fox affiliate WJBK spoke with another driver at Jets Pizza, who supported the rule, saying: "We're losing business, but still, we cannot risk our life."

The gunman remains on the loose.



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